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 C&N Engineering


       C&N Engineering was incorporated by Electrical Engineer Durmus ÖZEL in KUSADASI. In 2011, Economy Engineer Nevzat Coşkun ÖZEL and Durmuş ÖZEL started to cooperate in BODRUM so C&N Engineering Office was operated since 2011in Bodrum.

       Supervisor of the C&N Engineering is Durmuş ÖZEL who retired from TEDAŞ (  Institutional Turkish Electricity Distribution Cooperation ) He worked as an elecrical engineer, chief engineer, manager abour 25 years. In additional he continue to operate about electrical services since 2006 in C&N Engineering Company. We continue to operate with 25 years institutional experience and since 2006 private sector experience, studiously.

C&N Engineering Working Areas:

     1-)Photovoltaic- PV Station:


         C&N Engineering provides counselling service about investment of the solar PV Station with proffesional staffs. If you             want this type of installation, we produces your project , feasibility study in such a manner that it will become economic,                   efficiently and quality. While this procedure continue, you can also ask all types of questions like technical or institutional.

     2-)Electrical Equipmants sale:

         We provides every types of  electrical equipmants that are from favorite and wellknown companies. 


     3-)High voltage management responsibility:
        According to regulations for high voltage management was published in 30.11.2000 with the number of 24246 Turkish

        Official Journal, assigned  by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

              -  hese regulations are based on law which were prepared for Union Of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects                      (UCTEA) in the number of 24246.

              -   Institution responsibility for electricity starts with installation level and it continue while institutions operate.



         Electrical engineers who is responsible for high voltage management in institutions, have to observe these regulations. 

     4-)High - low voltage transformers and grid projects:


         C&N Engineering provides services about maintenance for transformer and their electrical projects with proffesional staffs


               Punished electricity bills are generally not realized. They are thought active usage. These punishment amounts are paid
          because of the reactive usage. Your compensation systems should be installed and
  controlled periodically. Otherwise you
          have to pay more than your usage.


               C&N Engineering checks your compensation systems regularly as monthly and yearly so your institution can be 

          protected from this situation. When you contract with us, you don’t have to pay more than your punishment. Contract price

          is less than punishment for reactive energy.

      6-)Energy Management: 
               In our country, to use efficient energy and to increase this efficiency, to protect from waste and high cost of the energy, 

               to provide enviromental protection,Energy Efficiency law with the number of 5627 is published  in 18.04.2007 and

               regulations with the number of 27035, to rotect energy resources and to use efficient energy,were published in Turkish

               Official Journal in 25.10.2008. According to these law and regulations, all systems which consume energy are analyzed

               and the projects which increase ficiency are produced in energy management system. So we work as not only legal duty

               but also to provide energy efficiency and to decrease energy consuming. We produce projects according to these 


      7-)Energy Identitiy Certification:

          Energy Identity Certification  provide to see energy level and performance for your structures according to energy efficiency

          law with the number of 5627.This certificate is obligatory while you take location licence for your structure which building 

          licence is  since  01.01.2011. In this situation C&N Engineering is official to provide energy identity certification. Every 

          company can not give energy idenity certificate for present structures and the structures that are taken building licence 

          before the date of 01.01.2011 or the structures that are continued their installation 

      8-)Deductible energy sale:

          If the amount of your energy consuming is more than the limit which was determined from Republic of Turkey Energy   

          Market Regulatory Authority, you are in Free Consumer Status. C&N Engineering helps you to find energy supplier with

          experience since 2006 and professional staffs.